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Safe Bathroom Design For Mental Health Units

Safe Bathroom Design For Mental Health Units | Tough Furniture

Humans are a reflection of the environment they inhabit, and mental health units are no different. Not only do you want your residents to feel comfortable in a home-like atmosphere, but you want to ensure that the residents will be safe and secure. Therefore, it’s important to have a safe bathroom design for mental health units.

Choosing Bathroom Furniture For Mental Health Environments

Choosing safe furniture for a mental health unit bathroom can be difficult, especially considering the myriad of health concerns and behaviour challenges residents may have. Further, people spend a tremendous amount of time in the bathroom, so you need something comfortable, but also safe.

The bathroom is a private area where people will be left alone for an extended period of time. Finding the harmonious balance between the physical environment and mental health can be difficult but is possible when you consider three basic aspects of mental health bathroom design.

safe bathroom design for mental health units

Safety Bathroom Furniture

First and foremost you want the peace of mind knowing that your residents are safe. Mental health patients can have many different behavioural challenges so it’s important to find bathroom furniture that can encompass a wide range of possible concerns.

At the same time, you want to reflect as much normalcy as possible to make a welcome and inviting atmosphere. Consider the following safety elements necessary for bathroom furniture:

  • Anti-ligature features and surfaces that still look and function like traditional bathroom furniture
  • Rounded corners to help protect residents, while still giving a decorative and appealing design
  • Durable, prefabricated construction to prevent breaking, cracking, or splintering

safe bathroom design for mental health units

Mental Health Bathroom Furniture With Durability

When it comes to furniture for mental health facilities you need to find something strong, durable, and long-lasting. While this is certainly true for mental health bedroom furniture, it is even more true for bathroom furniture.

The bathroom not only gets its fair share of use, but it is subject to changing temperatures and moisture conditions which can be damaging to traditional bathroom furniture.

It’s important to find a safe bathroom design, that will also be long-lasting and able to withstand years of heavy use. For this reason, furniture that is fully assembled at the factory usually performs better than self-assembly pieces.

Not only are fully assembled furniture pieces easy and fast to install, but they are usually assembled by professionals with higher quality standards.

Safe Bathroom Design For Mental Health Units


We understand that finding safe furniture for mental health units is tough, especially with so much to consider. Finding a manufacturer that you know, and trust can make choosing a safe bathroom design for mental health units and challenging environments easier.

Not only do you need to consider the environment, but varied and extreme psychological differences can make furniture for challenging behaviours difficult.

The team at Tough Furniture excels at providing quality furniture that looks like traditional furniture. Not only is the mental health care furniture similar looking to residential pieces, but it is long-lasting and safe.

All our products are designed and constructed in the UK and are backed by a 10-year warranty. To learn more about our proven mental health furniture designs and how our team can help yours achieve better patient outcomes, find us online to request a visitreceive brochures, or download a digital copy.

safe bathroom design for mental health units

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