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Mental Health Furniture For Reception Areas

Mental Health Furniture For Reception Areas - mental health furniture

A reception area gives the first impression that people will get upon entering a mental health facility, whether you’re a healthcare professional, visitor, family member or indeed a service user.

Of course, there’s a need to provide durability and safety throughout, but a reception area can also be used to promote a sense of calm and comfort. It should also represent your facility in the best possible light.

The field of mental health is one of the most challenging of all the services provided to the most vulnerable in society. In order to best serve those with mental health challenges, it is necessary to offer complete, end-to-end environments in which optimal mental health outcomes are possible.

For you, as a dedicated mental health professional – or someone involved in the design of such a space – that means providing a secure environment that is as safe as it is tranquil. Here at Tough Furniture, we have worked for decades to achieve industry-leading mental health furniture design services for all mental health environments.

Reception Furniture For Challenging Behaviour Environments

The mental health furniture design experts at Tough Furniture are experienced in delivering successful furniture designs for all aspects of the mental health environment. That means providing top quality designs for bedrooms, living areas, dining rooms, therapy areas, and much more.

Furniture for mental health environments must be extraordinarily sturdy and offer minimal opportunities for self-harm.

Mental health furniture must be able to be secured to walls and/or floors, and provide anti-ligature features. At the same time, they must blend into a relaxing and confidence-inspiring atmosphere.

Despite the high-quality provision of furniture solutions for the areas mentioned above, one part of a facility that can sometimes get overlooked is the reception area.

When the individual suffering from mental health conditions is first introduced to the mental health environment, the first response can sometimes be a hostile one. Unfortunate as that is, the last thing you need is to be worried about furnishings that can be easily moved, used as implements of self-harm, or as aids to the commission of violence against others.

It is for these reasons that the mental health furniture design experts at Tough Furniture have developed furnishings suitable specifically for mental health reception areas.

Heavy Duty Bedroom Furniture For Mental Health Environments


Mental Health Reception Furniture Designed For Comfort and Safety

Due to the unpredictable responses that are likely to take place in a reception area, it is important that furniture is designed to alleviate stresses and tension as much as possible.

Seating Designed For Reception Areas

There’s a need to provide service users and visitors alike with a comfortable and durable seating option. Not only does this help to promote calm, but it also adds to a modern and fresh feel; the ideal first impression for anyone visiting a facility.

Reception furniture for mental health - reception furniture for challenging behaviours


Practical Furniture For Reception Areas

Handling paperwork will often be required in a reception area, which is why a small table is an essential option. As a specifier, we recommend that you opt for a solution with a sturdy base with a rounded overall design to minimise the risk of injury through self-harm.

reception furniture for challenging behaviours - mental health furniture


Designs That Suit Your Needs

No two mental health facilities are exactly alike, just as no two persons with mental healthcare needs are exactly alike. It is for these reasons that we design furnishings for specific needs and specific spaces.

The mental health furniture designers at Tough Furniture have been recognised in multiple case studies for the benefit their furniture designs have delivered to help carers to render positive mental healthcare outcomes in a range of settings.

To learn more, visit our case studies page to see how Tough Furniture has helped to create environments that render optimal mental health outcomes in the real world.

On our Case Studies page, you’ll see a wide range of cases in which Tough Furniture was able to provide custom mental health furnishings that enabled caring and dedicated mental healthcare workers and professionals like you and your staff to deliver positive outcomes.


Custom Mental Health Furniture for Challenging Behaviours in Challenging Environments

Choose from among our wide range of stock furnishing products and options, or work with our industry-leading mental health furniture design experts to create a custom solution that is ideal for your needs.

Request a visit to your facility, download a digital copy of our comprehensive brochure, or receive a physical copy that you can share with your peers.

Here at Tough Furniture, our goal is to give you the tools you need to deliver the outcomes your training, expertise, and dedication make possible.

Heavy Duty Bedroom Furniture For Mental Health Environments

Mental health furniture, when used in the right environments can aid the support staff give to service users, or even environments such as receptions that experience challenging behaviour. To find out more about mental health furniture explore our other blogs:

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