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Mental Health Furniture For Consulting Rooms



Furniture for mental health settings must meet a number of important requirements for safety and functionality in challenging mental health environments. They must be comfortable, durable, and contribute to an atmosphere that promotes tranquillity, thoughtfulness, and hope.

Mental health furniture meant to be used in areas where specific activities are to be engaged in must meet both the physical requirements of that activity while enhancing a general feeling that is conducive to the spirit of the room.

This is true of furniture meant for dining areas, living, and private areas. It is also true for furniture designed for use in consulting rooms, physicians’ offices, staff rooms, and the like.


Furniture for Mental Health Consulting Rooms

The professionals who work with those who are entrusted to mental health facilities perform demanding mental and emotional labour. That being the case, they require furnishings that denote the professionalism that they embody.

Consulting room mental health furniture must be conducive to professional environments while at the same time exhibit all of the durability and safety that is needed in any space where persons with mental or emotional challenges will be present.

Mental Health Furniture For Consulting Rooms

Like all of the mental health furniture, we design and construct here at Tough Furniture, our consulting room mental health furniture meets all of the above-mentioned requirements and more.

  • Durability: Sturdily constructed from solid wood-frame designs, our furnishings feature innovative wood joints, solid-carved wood pieces, and strong and resilient padding and upholstery, as well as minimal visible stitching.
  • Securability: All furnishings in mental health environments should incorporate features which enable them to be bolted to load-bearing structures, should the need arise.
  • Weight: Tough Furniture products are constructed using thick, robust framing, heavy internal padding, and large, blocky feet and other features to make it very difficult to use the furniture to cause self-harm or to harm others. Our products also exhibit a noticeable lack of readily graspable handholds, making it very difficult to move the furniture around in an uncontrolled way.
  • Softened & Rounded Edges: Rounded edges make it very difficult for an individual to successfully engage in self-harm by thrusting her or his self onto the furniture either intentionally or by mistake. This is especially important for patients who are prone to seizures.
  • Contributes to a Positive, Placid Environment: Our mental health furnishings come in a wide range of colours and styles, all of which are conducive to the creation of a relaxing and positive environment.

Mental Health Furniture For Consulting Rooms


Here at Tough Furniture in Shropshire, we have become a leader in the design of products for challenging environments by working closely with respected mental health professionals like you.

Our goal has been to understand and provide for a wide spectrum of mental healthcare needs involving challenging behaviours. 

Please take a moment to look through the case studies concerned with the use of our products in the kinds of environments where professionals like you work every day to make a positive difference.

There, you’ll see how Tough Furniture has been able to develop and provide furnishings to suit specific care needs for the successful promotion of positive mental healthcare outcomes.

We know you need every tool available to deliver optimal outcomes for those you serve. Our goal is to help you create an environment that helps you, your staff, and your patients to perform at their best.

To learn more about our products and our custom furniture design services, find us online or call today. Feel free to request a visit, or obtain a helpful brochure either by mail or via download.

Mental Health Furniture For Consulting Rooms

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