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Introducing Tough Plus Options

Introducing Tough Plus Options


One of the most exciting new developments in this year’s new Tough Furniture range is the Tough Plus Options capsule collection. Built to the same robust specification as the bestselling Tough Plus suite of bedroom furniture, Options comes in 4 stylish new board colours that we believe can really help to brighten up any environment they are used in. What’s more, customers also have the option to mix and match their components, creating a genuinely bespoke look to their individual items and significantly increasing the number of choices available from the range.


As is so often the case, Options has been introduced in response to the helpful comments and feedback from front line care and procurement staff, many of whom have expressed the need for more variety in design and colour choice. However, it’s also part of Tough’s long-term commitment to providing furniture that is durable and cost-effective, but also contributes to the therapeutic process by helping to create harmonious and humanised environments for people with mental health issues, learning difficulties or related needs. We believe that giving our furniture users the option of ‘customising’ the look of their individual items can go a long way towards creating a greater sense of ownership and connection to the lived environment.

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