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Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces


Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces - mental health Challenging Environments

For heavy-duty mental health furniture, it has long been believed that outdoor spaces and mental health are linked. For example, taking a moment to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and taking in a breath of fresh air can do wonders for how you feel.

Furthermore, experiences like lounging in the sunshine in a garden or taking a short break to enjoy a nice day can really enhance other forms of therapy treatment.

That’s why providing individuals with the ability to spend time outdoors is so important. But how do you ensure everyone’s safety?

Creating a comfortable outdoor communal area isn’t always the easiest aspect of planning a mental health facility layout.

For providers, finding quality furniture for mental health units that are both ideal for patient use and durable for outdoor exposure can sometimes be a challenge.

Thankfully, there is a multitude of options available to help you reach your goal of providing a beautiful and cohesive space for your patients. Heavy-duty mental health furniture is important for outdoor spaces

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Patios and Other Community Spaces

Unlike choosing indoor mental health bedroom furniture, selecting styles for heavy-duty mental health furniture for outdoor spaces takes a bit of a different approach.

First, you need to look at the overall construction of the piece to ensure it can hold up to weather conditions including direct sun, rain, snow, and more. All upholstered items should contain waterproof fabrics to help eliminate wear, improve durability, and resist fading.

Next, it is important to choose items that still meet the same guidelines for all types of furniture for challenging behaviour.

Rounded edges and sturdy construction are paramount to creating a safe environment. And patterns and textures should be evaluated fully to determine if there are any factors that could trigger an emotional response in someone with a specific mental health condition.

Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces | Tough Furniture

Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces

Tips for Selecting Heavy-Duty Furniture for Challenging Environments

Ultimately, the process of choosing furniture for mental health facilities really comes down to understanding your patients and their unique needs. This is especially true when looking at potential pieces for an outdoor seating or lounge area.

Thus, it is important to take all factors into account throughout the purchase phase. A few questions to ask during the process include:

  • What will this furniture piece be used for? Outdoor furniture needs to be more durable than indoor furniture, but the process might not matter as much if the area it is going into is shielded from the elements by some sort of cover.
  • Who will primarily use this item? If the chair or table is designed for use by patients, a different set of criteria could be recognised versus one that is just for staff use.
  • What aspects of this item make it particularly useful or dangerous in this setting? Outdoor mental health furniture is different than indoors, and all aspects need to be taken into account.

Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces | Tough Furniture

How Tough Furniture Can Help You Select the Right Outdoor Furniture

In some cases, the best option for purchasing heavy-duty mental health furniture is to have it custom made and our team at Tough Furniture understands this.

Our bespoke design service is ideal for taking into account your outdoor furniture needs while still addressing the challenges associated with being in a mental health care setting.

Ready to start the process of ordering outdoor heavy-duty furniture for your mental health clinic or SEN school playground?  Please contact us today for details.

Heavy Duty Mental Health Furniture for Outdoor Spaces | Tough Furniture


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